Thursday, July 12, 2012

Bob haircuts for round face shape

One of the most trendy modern and sexy hairstyles yet classic is the one and only bob hair style. From the all short hairstyles hairstylist and experts all agree that the best is the the bob in every shape and aspects because is not just very modern its also the most versatile. Women can wear the short bob haircut straight , wavy hair, curly hair, thick hair, thin hair and more. Bobs are so versatile it suits every shape of face and here you can find a lot of trendy bob haircuts for summer 2012.The famous bob made famous by Victoria Beckham known as the “pob” hairstyle, angled bob hair cuts is very popular among women. Angled bob hairstyles consist of angled cuts with the back side of the hairstyle shorter than the front side.Use layered and angular cuts for thin or thick hair and style them in your use to make your hair look bigger and thinner using angled bob haircuts provide added bounce to thick hair types, preventing it from looking limp and heavy around your face, especially if you have delicate facial features.Add wispy bangs and fringes on the angled bob hairstyle, one could also conceal imperfect facial features such as a high forehead.Checkout these pictures of bob hairstyles, hope you love these haircuts.Short bob oval face , Women with oval face are favored by a short bob, Louise Brooks style or Uma Thurman (Pulp Fiction) to draw attention to facial features and will give gentle face.Asymmetric bob for round face, asymmetric bob, popularized in the 2000s, is distinguished by its short form at the back and getting longer by the chin. This type of cut gives volume, oblong face shape also.Celebrity Kate Moss knows what to wear to look at her best. Kate Moss is a true trendsetter more than a trend follower, she comes out with modern and some of the best hairstyles that you can see at celebrities. Kate Moss has an original style that is eclectic, in terms of the items she put together. Today we will show you some hot hairstyle photos from style icon Kate Moss.Kate Moss Long Straight Cut, Kate Moss is in the photos below with long straight cut and blunt cut bangs. Kate added bangs to her hairstyle for awhile. The bangs have been angled across her forehead, with the sides being much longer than the middle.Kate’s blonde hair is side parted and slightly layered around her face for added texture. Layers are crucial for thin, flat hair.You can see Kate Moss wearing a lot of modern hairstyles like the Classic Bun, Medium Curls, bob or wavy sexy hairstyles. Also you can see Kate curled her shoulder-length mane, which gave her effortless beauty and a fun factor.

Where can you find the latest and best angled bob haircuts? you guess right, at the most sexy and trendy celebrities in 2012 like Rihanna, Victoria Beckham or Kate Moss but she wears a medium to long bob straight Cut.The angled bob hairstyle looks great and is a modern derivation from the old classic bob. Angled bob hairstyle gives a softer look to the faces of the women, also for a more sexy and cute angled bob you can add fringe in the front, it also gives a sexy and a naughty look to all women. A lot of women don’t know the fact that it is important to get a hairstyle done according to the shape of your face. It is necessary to find whether you have a round face, an oblong shaped face, a triangular one or a rectangular face. People often make the mistake of going for the latest hairstyle without wondering whether that would look good.For the latest and best 2012 bob hairstyles ,there are so many different types in it one of which is short bob hairstyles followed by layered, inverted, classic, angled bob hairstyles.The medium bob hairstyle is also a very versatile hairstyle that can be changed by how the texture of the hair is set and the style added to the hair rather it be waves, curls,or slight flips. Celebrity Kate Moss showed off her medium long straight cut and blunt cut bangs while launching her vintage Muse perfume in London.Kate Moss look great with her bob because she also added bangs to her hairstyle for awhile. The bangs have been angled across her forehead, with the sides being much longer than the middle.The modern bob hairstyle has no age boundaries: styled for little girls, teens, young women, middle aged women.New bob hairstyles looks great and are very different from the classic bob that have been around for centuries, Bob Haircut is probably the oldest hairstyles but there are a lot of reasons why Bob hairstyles are popular in 2012 with the lot of new styles , Bob Hairstyle leading the fashion trend.You know that the hair fashion changes over the year very fast and new trends comes and go the bob its a hairstyles that was is and will be very appreciated with the hair fashion trends changing. The bob hairstyle has evolved into several modern and trendy versions, among which is the inverted bob hairstyle. Here are some photos with the latest angled bob hair styles:

Bob is a great modern haircuts loved by women and men also (for their girls of course). Women want to get bob because are very easy to style and modern, men because bob is a very sexy hairstyle.If you wear the bob hairstyle for a longer period of time then you must be bored of the uniform and classic bobs then is time to go for a inverted or layered bob. For the bob some side bangs with uneven layers will look great and do the trick for this sweep the hair sideways by leaving it casual. Razor cut bobs suit both men and women with fine streaks of hair. At the end a great finish will be with some highlight with hair colors the sharp edges having a hair mascara. For women with angled bob haircut, the back area of the hair is given volume while the front is chiseled at an angle at the point of partition. This type of bob, angled bob, is one of the most popular bob styles in 2012, known also as the graduated bob with colored with hair dyes to enhance the look. You can see the bob haircut at many celebrities like Katie Holmes or Victoria Beckham.Bob hairstyles the most modern and gorgeous hairstyles that are also versatile and sassy to sport. Should you are really tired of that pretentious girl across the street, showing off her long tresses, it’s time you show her the versatility of bob hair styles. The classic bob haircuts were short and sleek with the hair being cut in the same length. The length of such bob haircuts was always between the chin and the shoulders. 2012 new bob hairstyles have gone beyond the old traditional bob hairstyles.Bob haircuts is that they can generally suit any face shape and be worked upon in several ways to change the basic cut. Besides, these are also easy to maintain-a quick shampoo having a blow dry can do the trick! These hairstyles are also equally popular with most celebs with Posh Spice and Gwen Stefani going the Bob way! If you go for a modern and straight bob hairstyles you will find an endless variations of the bob that can match any face shapes, tastes and styles. Bob hairstyles not be the most complex styles but they look very good and are very versatile and being able to meet a wonderful range of demands.Layered bob hairstyles are among the most versatile medium hairstyles, being chosen by women of all ages for the fascinating vibe it provides. Take a look at a selection of fascinating layered bob hairstyles to improve your knowledge about these extremely fashionable 2012 hairstyles.

If you think about going for a bob hairstyle this year or already have a bob hairstyle and all you need is some inspiration, you may want to check our site. We have so many pictures off different bob hairstyles that it is impossible not to find something you will love. However, we like to put the emphasis on a different bob hairstyle each time. The bob haircut is so incredibly versatile and every form has its own unique advantages that they have to be discussed in length. But no matter the versatility of this amazing hairstyle, it is always very nice to go back to basics and give it a twist. Today we are showing off a celebrity who loves to play with her hair. Christina Ricci is known for her awesome hairstyles despite of the short comings of her hair. Christina Ricci has very fine hair, with little volume and her hair tends to get greasy quite fast. Add that with a round face and big forehead and you have a potential recipe for disaster. That is, if you’re not an inspired, amazing woman like she is. She is a chameleon with her hair despite the difficulty presented by her natural hair. Lately, she has been showing off a variation off the bb hairstyle that we just love. She went for quite a traditional bob, but not the style that Victoria Beckham made famous. Christina Ricci has a blunt cut bob with blunt cut bangs and she does a side part that really flatters her. It is amazing how much a good hairstyle can do for a girl. It is a simple cut, obviously very easy to style and maintain but in the same time it is very classy and charming. What is also noticeable about Christina Ricci’s recent hairstyle is the new color she went for. She gave up the harsher, darker colors in favor of a cafe-au-lait type of color. This not only softens her appearance but also really brings out her warm brown eyes. It is an amazing choice and it goes great with the blunt cut bob. The color and the hairstyle make for an overall Lolita type of look because of the good-girl cut and the warm-girl color. This look goes great with Christina Ricci’s personality and the type of roles she goes up for. All in all, we think it is an amazing choice and really does wonders for her style. If you want to try out the blunt cut bob, pair it up with some blunt cut bangs in order to slightly soften the end look and do not forget about the side part. A middle parting of a blunt cut bob might end up looking slightly boring. But in the end, it is up to you and your personal style.

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