Thursday, August 16, 2012

My modern hairstyles celebrity trends 2012

One of the hottest new cropped hairstyles is the inverted bob. This short inverted bob is also used by many famous celebrities. The first celebrity to take on this new look and make it her own was Victoria Beckham.After the initial raves over her new look, other ladies began taking notice. The inverted bob was subsequently adopted by other gorgeous stars, like Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Danii Minogue and more.The inverted bob is a fabulous way to show off a confident personality and to feel sexy. Short hair has always made a bold statement for women, and this fabulous crazy style exudes a strength of spirit while remaining soft and feminine. Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta born March 28, 1986 at New York, New York, United States is better known by the stage name Lady Gaga, she is an Pop, dance singer.Lady Gaga loves to wear very modern, trendy and surprising hairstyles, if you don’t know the first thing about edgy hair design talk to your stylist. Just tell about your favorite Lady Gaga hairstyle and your stylist will know exactly where to take it.Try your very own Lady Gaga hairstyle and even make some personal hairstyles just like Lady Gaga does. If you have talent and want to be a spectacular hair artist then just try it and you will be surprised with the designs you can come up with.Here are some uniquely chic hairstyle inspired by the Lady Gaga. Ashley Greene is a beautiful young star who become very fast a fashion icon and loved by many women and men. You can see Ashley Greene always beautiful and with great hairstyles that is because she has an excellent sense of style. Ashley Greene is a good fashion role model for any women . Ashley Greene for her role in the movie series, “Twilight” wore a medium-length and shaggy hairstyles with black hair color.Ashley Greene has lots of layers in her hair, and add hair bangs that are shorter and gives her a mysterious look that is also very sexy. Ashley Greene hair is very beautiful and more important is very modern so if you want to get this style, our advice is to go to a professional stylist because razors can damage your hair and this is not one of the many hairstyle that can be done easily to home. Dannii Minogue wears modern and beautiful hairstyles for long medium and short hair, now in 2012 she like to experiment with some lovely short hairstyles like the messy short hair or the angled bob. Dannii Minogue wore a lot difference hairdos, some which were off the hook and others not that great but with a beautiful face shape like hers and short hairstyels you can’t go wrong and not look modern and sexy.Dannii Minogue loves changes in her hairstyles, the bob she wore was just perfect.This cute hairstyels short and curved ,the bob covered part of her forehead and gave her a classy sophisticated look.Dannii Minogue was spotted wearing another do-a bob with a blunt fringe above her eyebrows just enough to show her eyes.Here are the pics with modern short haircuts in different cute styles from Dannii Minogue:

The bob hairstyle is widely popular, that is a fact, but it is, nonetheless, a short hairstyle. It is difficult to convince a woman to try out a short hairstyle. There are some women who are adepts of shorter hair, but for most women, femininity means long hair. So to convince a girl she will look good with a bob hairstyle is toughie. And why would we try? Any woman has to be comfortable with her hairstyle and not just persuaded to wear her hair a certain way. However, we feel that it is our duty, as a hairstyle oriented site to list again some of the advantages of a bob hairstyle. First of all, there are so many ways to style a bob. You can go for the classic bob hairstyle, like Victoria Beckham and Katie Holmes. This kind of style, shorter in the back and longer in the front, is the classic way to wear the bob hairstyle and it is amazing. It is flattering especially for the oval shaped faces and it looks elegant, but effortless. If you are trying to hide a more squared face, you can go for a chin length bob. The edges of the bob should hide the edges of your face and frame your face creating the illusion of a perfect face shape. If you have a round face, what you want to do is lengthen it so the best thing to do is to go for a longer bob. If the hair is longer on the sides, it will create the desired impression. A bob hairstyle an also be accessorized, if you don’t want to stick to the classic bob shape. You can go for bangs, whether they are straight, side swept or fringe. Any time of bang goes great with the bob hairstyle and integrates perfectly, this being one of the major advantages of a short hairstyle. Also, if you like to walk a little on the wild side, a great option is to go for an asymmetric bob. An asymmetric bob can go as far as you want. You can create minor differences between the sides of your hair or go crazy and go for some dramatic ones. Other options are the textured bob which can do wonders in what hair volume is concerned or a curly bob for the ladies out there that prefer the curls. There is no end to the way you can style your bob haircut and here, on our site, we have a lot of inspiration for you if you are considering this type of hairstyle. It is an ever changing hairstyle with the ability of always being trendy, always looking great and always providing a fresh approach so that you will never get bored of your bob haircut.

Celebrity short bob hairstyles from Danay Garcia sexy Bob or Chloe Moretz trendy bob.A bob hairstyle can be worn in many different ways. One of the best ways to wear a bob and have room to play with your hair is to go for a textured bob. A textured bob is often confused with a asymmetric bob. But there is a notable difference between the two. An asymmetric bob has dramatic differences between hair lengths. These differences are usually from a side to the other, incorporating the bangs or not. In the textured bob, the overall length of the hairstyle is almost the same, but the difference in length is from a strand of hair to the other. All the strands of hair are cut at a different length but the difference is not great. It is only to give the hair a little more body and give it a twist in the look. This look goes amazing with any bob hairstyle because it is not hard to achieve, or to get out of. The cuts made are really not dramatic so if you don’t like the style you can e back to normal in no time. However, those small cuts will really make a noticeable difference in the way your hair falls. It is overall a style that can add a little something extra to any bob hairstyle that is really getting a bit tiresome but you don’t want to change your basic cut but only its shape. However, this kind of texturing does not go well only on bobs. Even if you have shoulder length hair or longer hair you can add some texturing for a more modern look. It can even go great with curly hair because with all the textures and curls, your hair will look full of volume. But no matter how appealing this technique is for volume, it does not do magic. It is not a technique that will go great with very thin hair. If you don’t have a lot of hair and the hair that you do have is thin, which is most often the case, a textured cut may just make that way more visible. With very thin hair, the textures won’t be visible, but the different hair lengths will be which will make your overall hair style look even thinner than it actually is.Karina Smirnoff is a great celebrity with rocked a brunette bob. Her look was completed with peach lip gloss.Frankie Sandford showed off her asymmetrical bob while at the Whisky Mist in London.

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