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Classic bob haircut styles photos

My bob hairstyles fashion images from 1920 to 2012 .Modern Bob hairstyles are some of the best hairstyles that you can get for short hair than any other hairstyle these days. Celebrities are wearing these bob haircuts in this fall 2012 and they will continue to wear them in 2012 too. Latest bob hairstyles will help in your bob haircut for 2012. In today’s fashion trend, you may already know that one of the popular bob hairstyles is the short angled bob hairstyle. Bob hairstyles has been around for a long time now, but it seems like recently the angled bob hairstyle emerged into the fashion trend and is better than ever.What a hairstylist hears more often then not is “Could you make me look like –insert your favorite celebrity here- ?”. Celebrities set high standards for us normal people to reach but we try, none the less. However, when admiring some perfect curls or a wacky haircut should we automatically decide to change our look? Big no-no. First of all decide if the hairstyle you crave is suitable for you. When thinking about this, take into consideration your general aparel, your face shape, your height, your weight, your lifestyle, your job, your personality. Lots of factors, huh? Well, you shouldn’t skip this step considering you can’t change your hair as often as Rihanna does.

1920s: modern bob – Haircut Bob first appeared during the Great War, the hair that has revolutionized the way women wore their hair. As a woman’s hair was shorter, the more it looks like is more confident and more daring.

Years 30: celebrity – previous years are left behind, and women started to return to the female form. This hairstyle is appreciated today as young women, as well as the mature who love vintage buns.

Years 40: femininity – It is known for its elegant than the large loop and attention on women as delicate details. Sexy and sophisticated, this look and we meet today because it is immortal.

Years 50: rock and roll – playful and youthful hair, bangs hard, shades of red and ponytail are items that summarize the trends of the period. Typed and sculpting hair is a “must”, showing the hair becoming more like a “nest”.

60s: The lioness mane – 50s Nest last another ten years and even more so because vedelete glamoroase still go to events with this style. For a modern look, Sally Brooks advises us to deeper sides to look like a bob.

Years 70: hippie – The motto of that period, “feel comfortable and be relaxed” hair shape and it is becoming natural, curls and even with a flower accessory.

Years 80: superstar – This is the time to experience the more shapes and colors the hair, either bleached or strange haircuts as: a bob with longer steps.

Years 90: metrosexual woman – strong women of the period went on easy and just suffered their wardrobe influences male and unisex word was law in the fashion world. Now you can go on minimalism this male hairstyles and bright.

2000s: sophisticated and vintage – not actual current going on strong colors, row or tight curls, but more on the quality of hair and natural colors.

Some of the most trendy bob hairstyles for 2012 are the inverted bob hair styles very hot right now. You can find here some step by step directions on how to get inverted bob hair styles.This key to this chic short hairstyles is movement. Layers should be long in the back, with choppy, uneven pieces everywhere else. Bangs can be an addition to this short hairstyles. Ask for long, heavy, uneven bangs, which can be tucked behind your ears, if you like.The inverted bob hair styles is shorter in the back and angled longer toward the front, framing your face. It is generally stacked high to add extra volume at the back of your head. Inverted bob hair styles can also feature a soft, feathered effect at the nape of your neck to make the style appear less severe. This adds a horizontal line that breaks up the length of the face.If you like Victoria Beckham’s short chic hairstyles then this may be a look for you as well. This haircut is short, yet feminine and very easy to take care of. blow-dry in the morning, tousle with a dime-size drop of gel and you’re done.Ready to go with an easy care look or primp the bob haircuts with styling products for a more formal look. Inverted bob hairstyles slide bangs to the side for a sexy, sassy touch or tuck them under for a pouty, sweet appearance. There is a lot you can do with inverted bob, check the photos for some trendy celebrity haircuts in 2012.The latest 2012 cute short hairstyles that are most popular are here and also the one who have also very easy maintenance and can be easy worn to get ready to go. Of course these kind of hairstyles are very wanted and they can be found at celebrities because the celebs are lucky to have the best hairstylists in the world. Hairstyles that can be worn with texture are easiest to style and maintain, as they do not require the individual straighten the entire hairstyle before creating the look. For women who want some very easy hairstyles go for the natural waves or body within the style.Of course the most modern and easy to style hairstyles are the one for short hair and if you don’t already have short hair you should go for a cute and modern short haircut and feel free. Thanks to cute short hairstyles ,there are plenty of various hairstyles inside it one of these is simple short hairstyles followed by layered, classic, inverted short hairstyles. Generally, short hair styles starts from ear level to till the shoulders.For fall of 2012 you should consider using metallic and shiny hair accessories because are very popular, particularly among teenagers. These hair accessories are usually made with the use of bold and neon colors, which are great to wear with most hairstyles. Floral designs are also now seen among the latest hair accessories trends that have been coming out for the year 2012 . The trends in the hair accessories used for the different hairstyles greatly depend on the length of your hair and the hairstyle that you support.Below are some photos from the best celebs that will help you chose a great short haircut for summer 2012 :

This chin length bob hairstyles design is a slightly smooth haircuts that actually makes your hair “bob” when you move your head. Maintaining an appealing chin length bob requires just a few styling tips.Apply a finishing product for this bob hairstyles. If you’re going for a smooth, straight look apply styling serum or smoothing cream to the tips of the hair. This will show off the layers and add shine. The chin length bob hairstyles products they: Mousse, smoothing lotion and hair spray. Suitable for: Oval, diamond, heart-shaped, square face shape.This graduated bob hairstyles is a concave bob hair. Try a graduated bob hairstyles. This classic short bob hairstyles works on almost all hair types. With a variety of graduated bob hairstyles to choose from, you should be able to find the perfect bob for your face shape and hair type.The bob haircuts is a cool hairstyle witch can be wear very simple and straight or if you have or love curly wavy hair you can wear a great curly bob that looks very modern and sexy and the only downside is that you may need a little more maintenance for the curly bob. But the traditional bob is also a great method to wear a bob haircut and actual short curly bob hairstyles is a good informal hairstyle for ladies. the hairstyle with regard to cocktail dress for ladies along with straight hair.You can add to the bob haircut a fancy little twist, below are some cool short 2012 Short Hair Trends.Jessica Stroup is an American actress best known for her role as Erin Jessica and TV series, 90210 , she was born on October 23, 1986. Jessica Stroup was known for her beautiful long hair but she still looks beautiful after cutting her her with this short bob hairstyle. Jessica Stroup short hair looks great and makes her look sexier and younger with soft layers. This bob hairstyle of Jessica Stroup for 2012 was a great idea for her to change her style but also look very beautiful and cool.Some beautiful, young and trendy celebs are wearing short hairstyles like Jena Malone , Emma Watson with a short pixie hairstyles or Anna Faris short hairstyles 2012.The pixie cut is a trendy and sexy short hairstyle, it goes all over short, cropped hair and bangs on the forehead, to the side or even brushed back. Pixie cuts can be angular or rounded witch emphasize femininity.Black hair with a short hair cut, is one of the 2011 haircut trends with the most effect .Styled in looks from classic to rocker and its ability to be cut in a plethora of different ways the short black haircut for 2012 will work most face shapes and skin colour. And that’s precisely why we’ve already seen it on everyone from Miranda Kerr to Kristen Stewart. Short, choppy cuts is a derivative from the pixie but its not cropped close to the head, is effortlessly customizable to your desired length, the shape of your face and your personal preference for bangs. If you’re contemplating going shorter than a bob but aren’t ready to commit to a pixie, short, choppy cuts offer a manageable in-between hair style.Checkout Jessica Stroup latest short medium cool hairstyles for 2012

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