Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Fall Winter 2013 black short bob haircuts

Bob short hairstyles are a great way to go when you decide it’s time for a change. But if you had long hair for a long while this may be a pretty dramatic makeover. It’s practically like choosing a whole new you. You have to take into account your bone structure, your facial features, what you want to accentuate and what you want to draw attention from. And after thinking about all of this, how do you decide exactly what hairstyle you want. Asking a stylist to do what he thinks best may not always be the smartest of ideas. While capable to give you a modern haircut, a stylist might not shape your hair in a way that you will love for weeks to come. So it is useful to turn to some celebrity pictures to get some ideas and some inspiration. We have chosen the styles we like the most and consider to be the latest trends in short haircuts. Carey mulligan has a very sassy short haircut. It is simple to style, convenient and you can always add a little something extra to it considering it’s a messy hairstyle. For instance, you can do what Carey Mulligan did and add a slim head band that will give you a renaissance look. Ashlee Simpson left behind her years of long flowing locks in favor of the short messy hairstyle. While a flattering hairstyle for people like carey Mulligan, Ashlee does not want to attract all that attention to her face, if you know what we mean. The long hair definitely suited her more and this kind of haircut, although perfectly realized, draws the eyes to hair flaws. Chloe Moretz opts for a sleek side parted short hairstyle. Almost a blunt cut bob. This sort of haircut combined with her delicate features adds up to a doll like quality that Chloe Moretz can rock any day. Keira Knightley chose a bob hairstyle that is a classy and suits her British, elegant features. Go for this style if you’re looking for chic and stylish.

The African American superstar singer Rihanna changed her haircuts so many times all over this year and you can’t tell what kind of hairstyles Rihanna loves or wears most often.Below are some of her different variations in summer 2012 hairstyles like bob haircuts, short hairstyles, punk rock hairstyles, layered hairstyles, curly hairstyles or pixie cut for Summer 2012.Rihanna wears also some different short Haircut Trend with Side Fringes or Beauty Bob Hairstyle from Rihanna, below are the most trendy new short hairstyle from Rihanna in 2012. Best African American celebs like Ciara, Beyonce or Melissa Ford are wearing great hairstyles from where you can inspire for a new modern beautiful hairstyle.So for those of you who want a new hairstyle you’ve come to the right place. Here are all kinds of beautiful styles for different hair types and lengths. Below are some new trendy African-American Hairstyles for you.Including short,medium and long black haircuts.African American Hairstyles types like the Afro Hairstyles for long hairAgain the bob cut is high in trends for 2012 because it’s a fun hairdo that will allow the best features of your face to be seen! The bob is an extraordinarily flexible hairdo that allows you to be trendy and feel good. Another nice quality of the bob is that all of its versions are low maintenance hairdos. You have a longer bob with hair below the ears, you can have your bob inverted, and you can enjoy a short bob, as well. If one bob isn’t working, try another!It must be admitted however, that the short bob is dominating today’s red carpet galas and extravaganzas. One need only look at the cover of the latest fashion magazines to see Victoria Beckham, Rhianna, and Audrey Tatou playing with their bobbed hair, with fantastic results. Of the three, Tatou employed the shortest look, and she used it beautifully. With a nest of curls around her pointed features reminiscent of Betty Boop, Audrey was darling and cute. Her bob was allowing her very pointy facial features to rest in a soft halo of black ringlets. If you also possess pointy features, a triangular or heart-shaped face, or even just a good set of well-defined cheekbones, you are a prime candidate for the short bob.Scene hairstyles, crazy short hairstyles and all sorts of modern short haircuts are very popular these days and many kids are starting to experiment with these different styles of hair. One very popular hairstyle that you may be familiar with his short black bob hairstyles.More and more teenagers are going towards this bob style.Here you can find out the latest trends and style for bob hairstyles for short hairs in 2012.

1. It is very suitable for petite with small skull, nose and ears small, not very long neck.

2. Bob straight line or Carre, as called by the French, is geometric – graphic, with straight cuts, both at the baseline – the back and the sides: very good haircut would be to base the ear lobe.

3. Line back, very straight sides, one can trace the jaw (as above) or the outline (so short), for those who are bold. This form perfectly straight line back can watch and ear tips, with termination at peak bone cheekbones; recommend this choice for women very, very bold and perfect features (small oval face with small ears, small nose, small mouth, throat proportionate perfect body size).

4. Straight bob line is very strong, confident women is appropriate, secure them, which takes femininity and not hide it again. The career choice for women, women who lead the woman who makes decisions.

5. Straight bob hair color to be color block, ie the same color all over hair dark shade (eg black, dark chocolate, very dark brown or deep violet blue).

6. Classic bob straight line always has bangs right eyebrow line, which puts the focus on eye on both the shape and eye color.Also, in the fringe, but very discreet, you can put in hair (with the aid sheets) – never up – color red-purple-blue accent or silver-accent colors that match perfectly with the hair dark.

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