Monday, November 5, 2012

Best bob hairstyles photos for 2013

If you think about going for a bob hairstyle this year or already have a bob hairstyle and all you need is some inspiration, you may want to check our site. We have so many pictures off different bob hairstyles that it is impossible not to find something you will love. However, we like to put the emphasis on a different bob hairstyle each time. The bob haircut is so incredibly versatile and every form has its own unique advantages that they have to be discussed in length. But no matter the versatility of this amazing hairstyle, it is always very nice to go back to basics and give it a twist. Today we are showing off a celebrity who loves to play with her hair. Christina Ricci is known for her awesome hairstyles despite of the short comings of her hair. Christina Ricci has very fine hair, with little volume and her hair tends to get greasy quite fast. Add that with a round face and big forehead and you have a potential recipe for disaster. That is, if you’re not an inspired, amazing woman like she is. She is a chameleon with her hair despite the difficulty presented by her natural hair. Lately, she has been showing off a variation off the bob hairstyle that we just love. She went for quite a traditional bob, but not the style that Victoria Beckham made famous. Christina Ricci has a blunt cut bob with blunt cut bangs and she does a side part that really flatters her. It is amazing how much a good hairstyle can do for a girl. It is a simple cut, obviously very easy to style and maintain but in the same time it is very classy and charming. What is also noticeable about Christina Ricci’s recent hairstyle is the new color she went for. She gave up the harsher, darker colors in favor of a cafe-au-lait type of color. This not only softens her appearance but also really brings out her warm brown eyes. It is an amazing choice and it goes great with the blunt cut bob. The color and the hairstyle make for an overall Lolita type of look because of the good-girl cut and the warm-girl color. This look goes great with Christina Ricci’s personality and the type of roles she goes up for. All in all, we think it is an amazing choice and really does wonders for her style. If you want to try out the blunt cut bob, pair it up with some blunt cut bangs in order to slightly soften the end look and do not forget about the side part. A middle parting of a blunt cut bob might end up looking slightly boring. But in the end, it is up to you and your personal style.

We are continuing the ideas for bob hairstyles loves in 2013 with the wavy bob. The wavy bob hairstyle is probably the most beloved and easy to wear bob type there is. A normal bob is amazing and a classic but it does have some down sides. For instance, if you have curly hair, you have to straighten your hair each time you wash it in order to get to the bob you want. And even with straightening and straightening, there is always that chance that rain, high humidity or just a bad night’s sleep will ruin all your hard work. And even if you have straight hair, it is rare that the hair is so straight that the bob looks perfect without any aid. Most women who wear the bob hairstyle usually achieve the look with the help of brush and blow drier. Also, there is the curly bob which goes great for curly haired girls who have nothing to do but wash and dry the hair and the bob will look picture perfect, but the girls with straight hair will have to curl the hair with heat appliances which damages the hair or with curlers which takes a lot of time. And for both problems chemical relaxers to straighten the hair permanently or a hair perm to achieve curls which will not flatten out on the first sign of water is not an ideal solution. While durable and comfortable it is always a risk using such a high concentration of chemicals on your hair. In the long run, your hair will be ruined. Also, what will you do when the hair grows out? You will have to repeat the process or cut your hair and wait for your natural hair to grow out again. So let’s think about this. We are searching for a bob hairstyle that will suit any type of hair. Yep, you guessed it! It’s the wavy bob. The advantages of the wavy bob hairstyle are numerous. If your hair is naturally curly, all you have to do is just smooth out the curls with a comb or a brush or some product. If you have straight hair, you can use product or just wet your hair and crimp it with your hand to give it a loose curl. This style is for people who don’t have really tight natural curls or really straight natural hair, but are somewhere in the middle and just don’t know what to do with their hair in order for it to look good without much effort. The wavy bob is also very versatile. It is a short hair style which makes it easy for you to make it into a formal hairstyle that will suit your needs for your professional life, but it is also, due to the light waves, somewhat unconventional and a bit on the wild side so you can rock this style when you go out too. For a more radical change, try teasing the hair a little to give it a little extra volume. The wavy bob hairstyle is a very nice choice indeed for all you ladies who just don’t know what to do with your not-curly-but-not-straight shaped hair.

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