Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Celebrity medium bob haircuts photos

Where can you find the best bob haircuts for 2013 if not the most trendy and beautiful celebrities and here are photos withe a lot of celebs like: Taylor Swift, Amy Adams, Leighton Meester, Charlize Theron, Shena Grimes or Drew Barrymore.Bob haircut is very trendy for a long time and it will be also in 2013, is one of the most popular and enduring trends.In 2013, our stylists recommend any hairstyle and hair color and hair from pixie medium bob haircut and hair to loose. You can choose anything you can reinvent and take a fresh look throughout 2013.If you do not like passing easily from long hair to a short haircut and playful, we have the perfect solution. It is not about hair extensions, but the styling techniques you learn how to cheat in favor of long or medium hair.Reinvent your haircut and move on to a bob-rich loops casual or sophisticated fake. Follow the suggestions following Hollywood stars who “tricked” cameras with a romantic hairstyle, why not, Sire: false bob.Shen Grimes strands strategically placed to capitalize on his chin to light the entire chip. Because most people with long hair and bangs are kept and, let strands frame your face and take the rest of the hair using a few clips. Heart-shaped face has always been favored by bob hairstyle, the central path and loose curls. Charlize Theron knows this well and Bob adopt fake novelty in order to emphasize the femininity.

Leighton Meester bob

Leighton Meester shows that, although appropriate for this type of hair is to provide as much volume at the root, or it can reverse coin looks elegant and sophisticated. Gossip Girl star decided to give volume to the hairstyle, just like a real bob, with tips curved inward.

Amy Adams

Amy Adams has one of the best to have a bob physiognomies false. Actress reinvents long hair, using a few hairpins and wave to a few strands left open structure.

Taylor Swift

Unruly hair when you get to the chin, loops can be kept in perfect control by adopting a false bob. The root volume, perfectly defined curls and path in some form of false bob Taylor Swift’s look very curly hair softer appreciated.

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