Friday, October 19, 2012

Formal bob hairstyle photos for winter 2013

It is generally thought that if you have a short hairstyle, you are going to wear the same hairstyle no matter the occasion. It looked like, for a very long time, that only the lucky long haired girls could create special styles according to the occasion they have. But hairstylists and celebrities come to our aid once again and along with them, the internet and our site. We’re talking about those girls sporting bob hairstyles out there who think that such a hairstyle will be the same whether you got to work, go out or go on a date. It is not true and it is so dangerous because you risk growing tired of your bob hairstyle and decide to let your hair grow. And that is a major pity because the bob hairstyle is so trendy and so versatile that possessor of it should just look out for new ways to style it and those girls out there who don’t have a bob yet should definitely try one. It is a good idea to look in some magazines if you need inspiration, because they tend to have the latest trends. Also, you can ask your stylist cause it is a known fact that they tend to get creative based on the client and what the client wants. Also, you might wanna check the internet. It is probably the cheapest way to find the most ideas. Some of them might not be up to speed but it is sure that they will inspire you. A bob hairstyle cannot be easily transformed into a formal hairstyle. Lets say you are going at a business cocktail. All day long at work you show off your stylish bob haircut but you may want to show off something different while attending said cocktail. That is the best way to get in to the center of attention and we all know how women like this. It is not easy, though, to create a formal up do from your bob. A bob hairstyle is short so there is not much hair to deal with. You can’t even make use of a ponytail, let alone a formal up do. So what you will need will be some hair clips and some creativity. Take a look at Selma Blair’s bob hairstyle. It is definitely a normal bob by day and a glamorous bob by bight. All she did was give the hair a little twist and put a hair pin on the side to give it some extra volume and a new shape. All this added up to a glamorous style that made her hair a star and not a boring add-on. Some other ideas are playing with the texture of your bob hairstyle. If you normally wear a straight bob, you could make use of a curly bob. If your hair is naturally curly, straightening it will give a whole different look that is guaranteed to attract everyone attention. Also, you may want to try some slight teasing because this will aid in volume. Finally, if you’re feeling edgy, you could go for crimped bob hairstyle. This is very daring and very creative. But don’t overdo it. Crimping the hair does cause serious hair damage.

Any obsession has a beginning point. That moment in time where it all started, before it became a full on mania. For the bob hairstyle it was probably around the time celebrities discovered it. The bob hairstyle has been with us for a long time. Actually, since the 1930’s. But with our modern times, women left the short hairstyles in favor for the long locks. For a long time, it was thought that short hairstyles actually suit the stay at home women who needed to be serious and classic looking. But along with the times and with emancipation and new thoughts on the woman’s place in society, many things changed. What we are mostly referring to is the change in hairstyles. For many years, hairstyles were almost strictly taken over by long hair. Long hair seemed to be more feminine and femininity was not to be feared anymore. However, in the later years, short hairstyles have become a symbol themselves. Many women prefer the convenience of shorter hairstyles while other women consider they don’t need long hair to be feminine. Since these changes have taken place, celebrities started looking towards shot hairstyles as well. From that to the bob haircut there was only one step left. The celebrities who made the bob hairstyle be what it is today are Victoria Beckham and Katie Holmes. Victoria Beckham started the craziness for the A-line bob hairstyle. She wore her bob a little longer than chin length in front and way shorter in the back. This created a long neck and an elegant hair style fitted for any occasion. There were many variations of this bob hairstyle, but the most popular is the long bob hairstyle. While also long in the front and short in the back, the hairstyle goes well beyond chin length, creating almost a medium hairstyle. Katie Holmes, on the other hand, went out looking like a million bucks with a classic bob hairstyle. She wore chin length hair and bangs making for a darling school girl look which goes great with her very girlie features. After the two celebrities made the bob hairstyle famous, the madness started. Now there are so many ways to style your bob hair that you would not believe. Here, on our site alone, you can find inspiration for your bob haircut. You can go from a classic bob, to an A-line bob, to an asymmetric bob or even a curly bob. Also you may wanna learn all about the right fringes or bangs for your bob hairstyle. Whatever you choose, the bob hairstyle is still very trendy and you are not going to go wrong with a bob this year.

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