Monday, October 29, 2012

Messy Bob Hairstyle for Winter 2013

If you’re a lady who likes to have that sexy sultry look with her throughout the day, then the messy bob hairstyle might be just the style for you. There are numerous ways to style the versatile bob hairstyle, but no matter the versatility of this style, what matters most is to get the right haircut for you. And what is most important about a haircut is for it to suit yourself and your lifestyle. Sure, you’ll start out considering the color and the cut itself, what you want to hide and what you want to show off. But sooner or later you will have to think about merging your hairstyle with your personality. For instance, if you tend to be a quiet, good girl, you might not want to go for an afro cut or a fauxhawk which are incredibly edgy and even if you like them at first, you risk becoming uncomfortable. Sure, getting you out of your comfort zone is important for a new look, but you must always look confident while wearing your new look or else it won’t work for you. If you tend to be edgy and adventurous, choosing a classic bob hairstyle must be as boring as counting the stars, no matter how romantic it is in fact considered. You will get bored with your new hairstyle and soon regret cutting your hair. So, basically, always think if the hairstyle you are thinking about fits with your personality and your day to day life. Which brings us to today’s hairstyle. The messy bob hairstyle is a style that can easily suit anyone but not anyone can wear it right.

What is great about this hairstyle is that anyone can learn to eventually wear it. The messy haircut is for daring women, but women who want to keep this side of their personality slightly toned down. It is not off the bat crazy, but it is definitely not a humble style. Wearing a messy bob hairstyle will give you the air of a very confident woman, who knows she looks good and doesn’t need every single hair to stay right in place. Also, this is a very sexy look because a messy, fluffy bob will give you that just got out of bed look. Everyone loves this look because it makes you appear relaxed and like you have a little mystery that you are not hiding very well. Another advantage of this hairstyle is that it does not require much styling. All you need to do is comb your hair and mess it up with your fingers. If you want a little more hold, you should tease the roots a little and use a small quantity of hairspray. If you want a more defined look, you can use some wax on the tips but stay away from too much products since this will flatten the hair and flat hair is in no way the friend of a messy look. All you further need to accessorize the messy bob hairstyle is some smokey eyes or daring red lips and you will have a perfect sultry look ready to get all eyes on you.

Only the best and most beautiful bob haircut styles photos of celebrities can be found here:Kimberly Caldwell Bob, Anna Faris Bob,Alexa Chung Bob, Vanessa Simmons Inverted Bob,Charlotte Dutton Bob,Rachel Riley Bob,Dannii Minogue Bob,Keri Hilson Inverted Bob,Kirsten Dunst Bob or Lady Gaga.You know that the Bob hairstyle has been with us since 1910 and yet this favorite of all hairstyles keeps evolving and adapting to our tastes and needs. One of the most trendy short haircuts in 2013 are still the Bob Haircuts and seems that they have been around for what seems like forever.Try a bob hairstyle and see if you do not feel instantly stylish and up to date. Good for any women’s ego!In bob hairstyle hairs fall between ears and chin. As the time passed different styles of bob hairs came up with different types of versions. Fashion industry has gained a lot of praise due to this extraordinary hairstyle. Inverted bob style can easily suit to any face and it helps in giving the best trendy look. The benefit of bob hairstyle is that it can fit with any age group, any hair length with ease. There are two main categories of bob haircut that are most liked by people, these are angled bob and inverted bob haircut. Among these two, inverted bob can give you very trendy, elegant and pretty look that most suits with your personality.Short haircuts are popular because they make your features the center of attention. If you have a strong jaw, show it off with a bob that hits you at the jawbone. Make sure and angle the bob hairstyle so it’s shorter in back than in front.

 Varying age, face shapes, and level of desired maintenance are all things that help the stylist decide which of the bob hairstyles will fit the individual the best.Anna keeps it cute and sassy with a platinum blond bob and piecey bangs.Kimberly Caldwell Bob. Kim Caldwell rocked a plunging neckline and a blonde bob hairstyle for the Grammy’s. This bob features a slight side-part and front bangs.Alexa Chung Bob.Taking a turn towards the dark side, Alexa Chung showed off a deep brown bob at Mercedes-Benz fashion week.Vanessa Simmons Inverted Bob.Vanessa Simmons rocked a highlighted inverted bob to the NBA All-Star Game.Charlotte Dutton Bob.Charlotte Dutton showed off a blunt bob cut with wispy bangs.Rachel Riley Bob.Rachel Riley showed off her sophisticated bob cut a the Chortle Comedy Awards.Olivia Munn Bob.Olivia Munn rocked a blunt cut bob at the AOL ‘Maxim’ party.Dannii Minogue Bob.Dannii Minogue rocked a textured two toned bob. She added a little volume to her polished tresses with large barrel waves.Keri Hilson Inverted Bob.Keri Hilson rocked a blond inverted bob to the 2011 Critics Choice Awards.Kirsten Dunst Bob.A classic blond bob never gets old as Kirsten showed us at the ‘Somewhere’ premiere.Anna Faris Bob.Anna Faris was cute as a button in her polka dot clad blouse. A classic bob and blunt cut bangs finished off her look. Here are some photos with the best best bob 2012, celebrity bob haircuts

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